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Making the decision to report illegal behavior in your industry is frightening. You fear for your job and you fear retaliation. Courage trumps fear, and preparation trumps skill. You must be courageous, and Kingdom Litigators will be prepared. We will provide you guidance and advice to navigate any obstacles.

Law Enforcement and Government Official Wrongdoing

Reporting bad behavior against a government official or law enforcement officer can feel intimidating. You likely feel the entire force of the “establishment” will be forcefully fighting back. The fact is, if there is wrongdoing going on which results in the violation of the rights of everyday citizens, or could potentially harm a citizen, your coming forward is the right thing to do. We are here to assist you in filing the complaint and ensure you are protected in the process.

Corporate and Manufacturing Wrongdoing

If your company is creating a dangerous product whether it be a financial product, pharmaceutical drug, children’s toy, a vehicle, food or a dangerous consumer product and you are asking yourself, “why would God put me in a position to risk my family’s financial security by exposing an illegal practice or dangerous product? The answer is simple, it’s because he entrusted you to do just that, and he doesn’t make mistakes. Trust him, and have courage, Kingdom Litigators, Inc. will do its part.

Construction Industry

Schemes by large construction companies to use fake minority companies to gain billions in tax dollars harms everyone. From citizens with minimal education to higher education, or rehabilitated criminal offenders, or blue-collar hard-working families to white-collar middle-class families, billions of dollars are allocated through the construction industry to create wealth and jobs. Minority fraud schemes steal the very money allocated through Congress to uplift impoverished communities and increase wealth in the middle class.

Whether you are undocumented, or just a regular laborer, if you blow the whistle on these schemes you may recover 15%-30% of the total contracts. Financial security is not an issue, you just must be the first to blow the whistle. #blowthewhistle