Human Civil Rights

Human Civil Rights

Fighting Human and Civil Rights Violations

Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity. When their rights are violated, people need someone to offer them protection. At Kingdom Litigators, Inc. we handle numerous types of human and civil rights violations.

Human rights are the most fundamental of all rights and are granted to every person. Protection from torture, the right to life, and a right to education are just a few of the human rights we all should enjoy.

Human rights violations can take on many forms. However, we focus on the exploitation of construction workers by employers who receive government funds. In most cases, these workers are undocumented and feel they cannot make a report on their own for fear of deportation. We are here to help. Regardless of your immigration status, you have the right to fight back against exploitation, and as a whistleblower, you too can receive significant financial awards.

We also provide assistance to those who have been victims of police brutality, institutional illegal practices, and use of excessive force. We understand you need someone to help defend your rights and we are here to help.

At Kingdom Litigators, Inc. we believe the best way to ensure these violations do not continue is to aggressively go after the person or persons responsible. We will do everything possible to protect you from the potential pushback for reporting these violations.