Federal Criminal Law

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Federal Criminal Law Defense

Facing criminal charges is terrifying and when those charges can be enhanced to result in federal charges, you need someone who will help you defend against them. Keep in mind, if you are facing federal charges, the full weight of the federal government is working against you.

Mount an Aggressive Fraud Defense

Fraud charges must be taken seriously. If you are convicted of wire or mail fraud, securities fraud, Medicare or Medicaid fraud, or tax evasion, you could be facing time in federal prison. In addition to the loss of your freedom, you could also be required to make restitution which can cripple you financially for the rest of your life. We understand when the full weight of the federal government is working against you it you need an aggressive attorney who will represent you. Kingdom Litigators, Inc. is here to help you fight back against fraud charges.

Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO)

There was a time when RICO charges pertained only to organized crime. Today, RICO charges can involve corporations and civil actions. When you are facing a RICO charge, it is important to understand your rights, as well as the charges of which you are accused. Contacting KL immediately upon learning you are under investigation for a RICO charge can make the difference between having a felony record and reaching a settlement with the federal government.

Reentry After Deportation

Overstaying a work, education, or visitor’s Visa is a misdemeanor offense which can result in your deportation. Returning to the United States illegally after being deported is a felony offense and can mean you are facing additional federal criminal charges. We can help you navigate the immigration courts and attempt to help you remain in the U.S. if you have a fear of returning to your home country.

At Kingdom Litigators, Inc. we are committed to protecting those who are unable to protect themselves. We understand when you are facing federal charges you are concerned about your freedom being taken from you and that you may also be in fear of bodily harm. Contact us immediately if you are in the St. Louis, Chicago, or Dallas area and let us help.