Kingdom Litigators, Inc. uses donation funds for two main purposes. First, to ensure that our firm is public interest-oriented and not financially motivated. A whistleblower risks his entire financial security when he or she comes forward, as your attorneys, we would not ask whistleblowers to do something that we couldn’t. Therefore, Kingdom Litigators, Inc. is a not-for-profit federal public interest law firm. Whether the financial recovery is large or small, we stop when the job is done— which makes us unstoppable. Donations are how we ensure unbiased, and extremely effective litigation.Second, we use donations to cover pro bono legal costs for churches and offset costs for large public interest issues against conglomerate opponents. It is true, our opponents generally have unlimited resources and ordinarily rely on those resources to protect their wrongdoings. Kingdom Litigators, Inc. relies on donations, whether financial or pro bono expert time. Our donations are an advantage to prolonged litigation.

If you entrust your financial support to Kingdom Litigators, Inc. we will never misuse your funds. Please donate.

Please Mail Donations To:

Kingdom Litigators
3131 McKinney Blvd.
Ste. 600
Dallas, Texas 75204


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