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The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department Uses the City Courts to Conceal Police Misconduct – Read More Here

Kingdom Litigators, Inc. is designed for You, whether you’re in law enforcement, corporate, government, construction, hospitality, food safety, factory workers, or finance and lending, Kingdom Litigators, Inc. provides an exit path when others unethical and illegal conduct has harmed the innocent and the poor. The firm is designed to help you overcome any obstacle you may face in blowing the whistle.

For example, You may be fearful of criminal liability—we cover that. You may be fearful of losing your job or industry retaliation—we cover that. You may be fearful that the wrong cannot be reversed—we cover that. You may be fearful that public interest issues are simply too big—God covers that.

Regardless of where you are geographically, Kingdom Litigators, Inc. will do its best to accommodate your circumstance. We’ve litigated cases from Chicago to St. Louis, to Dallas Texas. We’ve litigated in smaller cities from Lubbock, Texas, to Republic, Missouri. Kingdom Litigators, Inc. is a member of the Hague Convention Attorney Network and has taken international cases assigned from the State Department. We go where we are needed.

Donations go to provide legal services to churches including protections of civil rights including freedom of religion, deceptive practices, and employment issues. We understand in some cases, churches may require someone to step in and mediate an issue. We also understand how important it is to be ready to litigate any issue which cannot be resolved through the mediation process.

Whether you are an individual with concerns about your potential legal or financial exposure due to information you have pertaining to violations of the law, or your church members are concerned about their civil rights, contact Kingdom Litigators, Inc. immediately.